We need your info (for our Class Rep program)

It’s Class Rep and Mailing List Time!

Thank you to Kim Roberts who is taking over the task of collating all of your futures responses. Home & School is keeping the class reps model (see duties below), so we need volunteers for class reps, and we need everyone’s email information so that the class reps can get in touch with you!


Please fill out this form for each child you have at Withrow (e.g. if you have 3 kids you need to fill it out 3 times). 

Information Form link – https://drive.google.com/open?id=1uYi2vHw4O27W-qQLlyTfGZm4haIPz3v0R-zTet5PSa4 

For people who want to volunteer to be a Class Rep: We need two per class

Class Rep job description:

– Act as ‘cheerleaders’ for the various events run by the H&S Association / School Council promoting parent / guardian involvement and a collaborative spirit within your class community

– Attend each H&S / SC meeting (there are 4 more meetings planned this year); since there are 2 reps per class, you may alternate who will attend. Report back to your class with main points from each meeting.

– At various times you may be asked to share information, or to get parent input regarding initiatives or events planned by the H&S / SC 

– Your child’s teacher may ask you for help with field trips, class guests, or other special events.

Class Rep Form Link – https://drive.google.com/open?id=1IXDv9Nv89q4JI6HOEPrw5WTrSsm8CGUKwUfKd62Gss8

It might be hectic this week!


Midnight tonight is the deadline for negotiations between CUPE and the Ministry of Education. We really hope a deal can be reached! If it cannot, CUPE is on strike and schools will be closed to students for the duration of the job action.

We know that finding alternative child care arrangements can be difficult and really stressful. Based on a suggestion from one of our parents (thank you Adrienne!) this editable Withrow – Child Care Sharing – Google Doc has been created. It has 3 tabs. One is where you can add your name if you can help with child care, and parents can search. If you offer child care and then are “full” please remove your name from the list. The second tab has general guidelines, and the third has some potential babysitters who are former Withrow students. Please contact individuals on all tabs of this form directly via the email / website provided on this page as H&S is not facilitating the connection.

Good luck, and we stand in solidarity with our education staff!


This segues nicely into the OCTOBER 10th WALK-IN that is being organized by Withrow parents. This will happen no matter what is going on with job action. Together with Chester, Jackman, and Frankland schools, a larger group will meet at Broadview station and walk down to the crosswalk at Withrow and Broadview. Another group of parents will meet at Riverdale library and walk up to Withrow Ave. Together parents, children, and staff will “walk in” to the Withrow school property. Sign making will happen Tuesday and Wednesday after school (in the yard if necessary), in advance of Thursday’s walk in. You can sign up to take on any roles and remember to try and wear “Red for Ed” on Thursday!

Screen Shot 2019-10-06 at 8.23.19 AM


Withrow H&S Agenda

Withrow H&S Meeting Minutes – Oct. 3, 19

Many hands make light work. This year marks the creation of a Withrow School Council. In previous years H&S has held a dual role but it was much more informal. Now that it has been formalized there are several parents who put their names forward and were successfully elected. More details to come from School Council as the SC executive now vote on their roles and work with Administration. H&S also had their elections and has some new faces on the Executive for this year.

Here is a picture from the Ontario Federation of Home & School Associations (OFSHA, who govern our H&S) for an overview of how the groups work.

Screen Shot 2019-10-06 at 8.28.50 AM
Withrow H&S Executive 2019/20

Advisory Chair – Laine Cole

Co-Chairs – Ailidh Carpendale and Keriann Shang

School Council Liaison – Mariana Jimenez

Secretary – Carol Keizer

Treasurer – Andrea Coughlin

Withrow School Council 2019/20

  • To be updated soon! We’ll update the website when we have all the names of the fantastic new parent volunteers 🙂


H&S Update – and first meeting tomorrow!

First Home & School Meeting!

So, the first home and school meeting is tomorrow. It starts at 7pm but at 6:30 there will be a vote on the School Activity Council (SAC, or School Council) to discuss a new, formal Council for Withrow. See near the bottom for details, who has put forward their name for consideration for this year, and committees you might be interested in leading / joining.

Annual Giving Campaign

The donation button is active! Please consider a donation to Withrow so that you can help the school AND get a tax receipt for donations of $25 and above. 

We accept e-transfers to withrowhands@gmail.com – this is the easiest and most cost effective way for us! Please be sure to include your name and address in the message if you want a tax receipt. We accept donations via our online Square account, or also the “old fashioned” cheque payable to “Withrow Home & School Association”. You can leave it in the Home & School mailbox in the main office.

Tax receipts are usually handed out March of next year, and need to be dated / sent by Dec. 31st in order to be eligible for this fiscal tax year.

October 10th Walk In

Our fantastic group of parents (thanks Adrienne, Jen, Megan, Alison, Jessica, Luna) is organizing another school Walk In to support our educators and school staff. This will take place next Thursday, October 10th. 

Join us in a show of solidarity against the cuts that the Ontario Government has announced. The teachers are marching into the school to defend our public education. Please join as a member of the community whether you are a concerned citizen, parent or student and make some noise to show that we do not want this to happen! We see the attack on public education as part of a larger attack on our shared public interests: libraries, public health, legal aid for immigrants and refugees, social assistance, climate protections, public transit, workers’ rights, Indigenous rights. These are all interconnected. We need solutions that match the scale of the problems we collectively face; solutions that centre on caring for each other and the planet and living with justice, dignity & health for all.

You can show your support by making signs before the event, being a site lead, or by attending with your children on the morning of the 10th. There will be groups meeting again at Riverdale Library and Broadview station, then meeting on Broadview near the school and “walking in” together.

Sign up to add your name to the list!

Silent Auction and Fun Fair want you on their committees!

Volunteer to be on the organizing committee for the Silent Auction by emailing withrowauction@gmail.com – it’s starting now!

Volunteer to be on the organizing committee for the Fun Fair by emailing withrowfunfair@gmail.com – it’s starting in January 2020!

How to get involved in Home & School / Council

Executive positions and candidates who have put their name forward for 2019/20 thus far:

Advisory Chair*: Laine Cole

Co-Chair*: Ailidh Carpendale

Co-Chair (new): Keri Ann Shang

Treasurer: Andrea Coughlin

Secretary: Carol Keizer

Social Media: Amanda Richardson

Communication / Website / calendar / permits**: no nominations / volunteers yet

A huge thank you to our outgoing executive members Lisa Rolland (Advisory Chair), Eugenia Christakis (Treasurer), and Signe Silver (Secretary). Aside from volunteering a huge amount of time on the Executive – some for many years! – you also contributed via other many committees and have been so giving of your time and effort to making our school community such a great place to be.

* any new co-chair positions are voted upon. The expectation is that when you earn a co-chair position that it is a 3 year term. Two years as co-chair, one as advisory chair. 

** this likely works better for two people


Class Reps: Kim Roberts

Staff Appreciation: funded – need a lead parent

Movie Nights: funded – need a lead parent

Bathroom Beautification committee: funded – need lead parent

Social Justice / Inclusivity: funded – need lead parent

Welcome Back Picnic: H&S Exec (but totally willing to give up this role to any interested takers)

Ideas for Committees that could happen with parent volunteers:

Speaker Series

Outdoor Club

After School & Lunch Programs

Game Nights

Volunteer Pot Luck

Fundraising Initiatives:

Annual Giving Campaign (now open – online this year)

Raffle* (new for 2019)

Silent Auction** (April 3, 2020)

Fun Fair (May 23, 2020)

* pending approval and permits

** this is the biggest fundraising event of the year