Community News: Riverdale Traffic Calming

A quick update about traffic calming. In previous Home and School meetings, Withrow parents have heard about the efforts of local residents working together to calm traffic in Riverdale.  A few months ago the group launched a website with statistics, links and resources.  Last week they posted a video to their site.  You can also view it here:

There’s more to come in spring, stay tuned.

Disclaimer: The Withrow H&S does not endorse this video or the traffic group. We are providing you with this information since the issues raised therein affect the safety of our children as they travel to and from school and wanted the school community to be aware of this discussion.

3 thoughts on “Community News: Riverdale Traffic Calming

  1. Hello there,
    I’m so confused why the H&S has allowed a registered lobby group to push their agenda in our faces!
    It seems to me (and the voices of many angry parents) that members of the H&S are taking advantage of their positions and manipulating people for their own personal agenda. This is outrageous!
    I’m sure that there are anti spam laws in place to prevent this from happening. It seems that H&S is giving special treatment for members of this registered lobby group which clearly is a conflict of interest. Maybe we should all make manipulating videos and indorse ourselves through H&S. I’m am so disgusted by the amount of people afraid to voice their opinion because of the social repercussions. This really saddens me and breaks my heart that I have to write this type of letter.

    Yvonne Korec


    • Hi Yvonne,

      My name is Darryn Crombeen. I am a parent of two children at Withrow Public School, Co-Chair of the Withrow Funfair and a member of the Riverdale Traffic Group representing Riverdale Ave. The RTG is not a registered lobby group, it is a group of volunteers working with the city and Councillor Fletcher. For two years, we have donated our time and skills in an effort to create a safer community for all residents.
      Details for our plan can be found at
      Only after extensive public consultation and a vote by residents will there be any major changes. However, you may have noticed some small changes we made:
      Speed limit reduce to 30 km/hr on Logan, Simpson and Victor.
      Speed limit reduced to 30 km/hr on Bain near the school
      Lobbied Police Services for speed traps on Broadview..(I witnessed two speeders getting nabbed last week).
      If you would like to chat in person, I do the 3:30 pick up on Monday, Wednesday and Friday…usually accompanied by our gorgeous but temperamental golden mutt Abbey.



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