We need your info (for our Class Rep program)

It’s Class Rep and Mailing List Time!

Thank you to Kim Roberts who is taking over the task of collating all of your futures responses. Home & School is keeping the class reps model (see duties below), so we need volunteers for class reps, and we need everyone’s email information so that the class reps can get in touch with you!


Please fill out this form for each child you have at Withrow (e.g. if you have 3 kids you need to fill it out 3 times). 

Information Form link – https://drive.google.com/open?id=1uYi2vHw4O27W-qQLlyTfGZm4haIPz3v0R-zTet5PSa4 

For people who want to volunteer to be a Class Rep: We need two per class

Class Rep job description:

– Act as ‘cheerleaders’ for the various events run by the H&S Association / School Council promoting parent / guardian involvement and a collaborative spirit within your class community

– Attend each H&S / SC meeting (there are 4 more meetings planned this year); since there are 2 reps per class, you may alternate who will attend. Report back to your class with main points from each meeting.

– At various times you may be asked to share information, or to get parent input regarding initiatives or events planned by the H&S / SC 

– Your child’s teacher may ask you for help with field trips, class guests, or other special events.

Class Rep Form Link – https://drive.google.com/open?id=1IXDv9Nv89q4JI6HOEPrw5WTrSsm8CGUKwUfKd62Gss8

4 thoughts on “We need your info (for our Class Rep program)

  1. I tried filling out the form more than once because I have 3 kids at Withrow. It says that the form can only be filled out once. Can you please fix.



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