Where does the money go?

The Withrow Home and School Association works hard to raise money all year.  So what do we with that money?  Lots of things!  To name a few, we work hard to bring amazing arts and science education programs to the school, keep the playground in great shape and invest in technology specifically aimed at supporting student achievement.  Below are some more details.

For the school year we are raising money to cover the following:

  • Welcome back BBQ
  • Movie Nights
  • Staff Appreciation Lunch
  • Science initiatives in the classroom
  • Garden educator and maintenance, playground
  • Art performances and workshops
  • Library revitalization & technology

Past accomplishments
Below are some of the things Withrow Home & School has done in the past:

  • Raised funds for the purchase and installation of a new climber for the outdoor playground (to be installed this school year)
  • Steel pan drums for music
  • Revitalization of school yard – it went from a dust bowl to a beautiful green space!
  • Play structure on Kindergarten and Day Care Playground
  • Design and Beautification for the Gym
  • Spider and Eye Gardens
  • Wall Units and Cubbies on Second Floor
  • Tables in the gym so kids didn’t have to eat on the floor!
  • Upgrades to furniture
  • SmartBoards and iPads
  • Scientists in the School program

We’ve done some great stuff over the years, please help us do more!