Leadership / Executive

Home & School Association Executive 2019–2020 

Co-Chairs: Ailidh Carpendale & Keriann Shang

Advisory Chair: Laine Cole

Secretary: Carol Keizer

Treasurer: Andrea Coughlin

Communications:  Chantal Chiarelli

School Staff Rep: Carolyn MacDonald

Community Rep: Sherri Simmons

Key Roles & Responsibilities of Home & School Association Executive:

  • Administer the daily operations of the Home & School Association
  • Maintain accurate account of funds in the Withrow Home & School Association bank account
  • Collect and distribute funds based on Home & School Association’s participation in various initiatives
  • Facilitate between the parent/guardian community and the School Administration
  • Facilitate the ideas and initiatives brought forward by parents

School Council Executive 2019-2020

Co-Chairs: Juliana Dutkey & Kevin Lynn

Treasurer: Adrienne Law

Co-Secretaries: Sarah Aboody and Marianne Cusi

Liaison for Home & School Association: Mariana Jimenez

School Principal:  Beverly O’Brien

Parent Reps: TBD

Community Rep:  TBD

School Staff Rep:  TBD

Key Roles & Responsibilities of School Council:

  • Advises the principal and the Board on a variety of issues and activities relating to student achievement, curriculum goals and priorities, school budget priorities, school safety, renovation plans, after school activities, and criteria for selection of new principals.
  • Made up of an elected committee of parents, staff and student representatives, appointed community members, the Principal, and a general membership which includes all parent of children attending the school.


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