June 6th Walk-In to Support Public Education and Services

Screen Shot 2019-05-30 at 11.26.24 PMHOW TO PARTICIPATE? Join the Withrow teachers at either the Riverdale Library or Broadview Station at 8:10 am to walk together along Broadview Avenue to school. Coffee (BYO cup) and snacks will be served! Parents and kids can join us at any point along Broadview Avenue as we march towards the school. At 8:30 am we will gather at Riverdale Park East before walking together to the school. 

WHY PARTICIPATE? The attack on public education is part of a larger attack on our shared public interests: libraries, health, legal aid, social assistance, climate protections, public transit, workers’ rights, and Indigenous rights. These are all interconnected. We need solutions that centre on caring for each other and the planet, and living with justice and dignity for all. 

Education workers, students, families, and concerned citizens can stop the cuts and win this together!  On June 6th, join over 75 schools in this province wide WALK-IN!

Click here to Register to attend or be a Walk Leader at one of our meet-up points.  Also by signing up you will get a reminder about the event.

Thank You!

It takes a village, and what a village we have at Withrow!

There was rain. There was sun. There were games. There was fun.

Thank you to:

– The set up crew who persevered putting up tents in a deluge so that the outside area could be dry by start time

– Parents who ‘divided and conquered’ with the kids so one could volunteer and one could have the kids explore the fun fair

– Everyone who provided all the musical cakes and the baked goods for the bake sale

– our sponsors who donate so generously that we can have amazing inflatables

– the Admin team who were on site all day helping out 

– the clean up crew and caretaking staff who left the place as good as we found it

– teachers for letting us use their spaces, especially with our change of plan for indoor venues

– all those who volunteered their time to work together to make such a huge event happen – there were over 165 2-hour time slots and people really stepped up to help out and fill the gaps

– everyone who came despite the initial rain to have a wonderful event for everyone!

But most of all, THANK YOU to the organizing committee. We have several parents who have been volunteering their time for years to make the fun fair amazing. We will miss you! This means there are new opportunities for new people to help, which we welcome 😊

Your organizing committee:

Lisa Rolland, Derek Ceccarelli, Susanne Truelsen, Sara James, Andrea Coughlin, Laine Cole, Lisa Pedersen, Leigh Fuke, Kim Roberts, Pauline Stanley, Kristin Briggs, Stephanie Halldorson, Sam Welch, Erin Phelan, Frank Manieri, Oorbee Roy, Michele Temporale, Heather Flett, Megan Burns.

Pictures of the day will be posted to the website shortly.

If there is anything you want to comment on to help us improve the fun fair, please fill out details here – https://www.withrowfunfair.com/feedback.html

Until 2020!!

Fun Fair Announcement

Screen Shot 2019-05-24 at 5.18.36 PM

One. More. Sleep!

Hey Withrow Parents –

Repeat after me:

It is not going to rain tomorrow.

It is not going to rain tomorrow.

It is not going to rain tomorrow.

Let’s get real: They have been really wrong about the weather this spring. Says thundershowers? Bright sunshine! Says sunny and hot? Freezing and parkas!!!

So we know tomorrow the rain is going to hold off. 

What we also know is we have rainy day plans. If it pours some bouncy castles will move inside. Talent show will be inside. And we have other things up our sleeves so people can eat, drink, and be merry and dry!

Here’s what you can still do to show your love and support:

– buy your wristbands here.

– bake!!! We need cakes for musical cakes and baked goods. 

– show up.

You know what they say in life: you gotta show up.

So show up. For Withrow. For your kids.

See you tomorrow.

It is going to be fantastic!!!!