A few notes as we start this year…

Website communication 

We will be using the website (www.withrowhands.com) as the primary source of communication this year.  You can sign up to receive notifications when new posts happen.  

To turn on notifications so that you can get emails with every new web post. Please see details on the bottom right of the home page of the website

Get Involved

We always need volunteers! 

Welcome Back Picnic – THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 17th, 5:30-7pm

  • We need volunteers for table set up, drink and food distribution, food ordering, and clean up
  • SIGN UP NOW! using our online sign up tool

H&S Executive

  • positions that are vacant this year are Co-Chair and Secretary. We are also looking for help with our social media and website. We have not had after school programs for a while and we would love for a couple of people to resurrect this.
  • Send us an email at withrowhands@gmail.com if you are interested. If we have many volunteers we can have an election during the first H&S meeting

Movie Nights

  • We are keeping the new tradition of movie nights and are hoping to add a few more this year. We are looking for people to help run them – even if you can only sign up for one that would be great!

Silent Auction & Fun Fair

  • It takes a village to run both of our major activities each year. The Silent Auction is looking for 2 co-chairs plus committee members, and the Fun Fair is looking for committee members. Both events require help on the day of as well.

Data Permissions

We value your privacy. If you want us to be able to know your email, know what class your child is in, etc. we need your permission to do so. A Google Form will be posted soon should you choose to permit us to contact you. 

Google Calendar

It’s linked to the website, but if you want to add the H&S calendar to your calendars that you have, just download via the public link. That way you will be able to see when H&S events are happening, like pizza lunches, movie nights, PA days, silent auction, and fun fair.

Withrow Wear

You can purchase Withrow wear for children and adults alike! Withrow 

is not a uniform school so all of this clothing is optional. If your child is going to be 

participating in extracurricular sports a red Withrow t-shirt is recommended.

Contact Us

Email: withrowhands@gmail.com




Welcome Back!

Welcome back! This year we will potentially explore an integrated Home & School Association and a new School Council. Both H&S and the Council’s primary role will be to create a gateway for parents to help build a better community and learning environment for our kids.   

We aid in communications between parents, teachers, administrators, elected officials, neighbours, and students.

Please visit our website, www.withrowhands.com, for info on these two organisations and to sign up for our mailing list via the link provided by the end of the week. The website will be updated regularly with information about all our events. As well, look for our message board inside the Bain Ave. entrance doors.

Why might you you want communications from Withrow H&S Association / Withrow School Council? 

* For information about fun upcoming events like the Welcome Back Picnic, family movie nights, the Fun Fair and the Silent Auction.

* For the opportunity to volunteer on a committee or on the executive. Engagement from families improves our school and community for all our children. Home and School’s events are organised by, and rely on, parent volunteers. We send our event sign ups via our mailing list and all the event committees are looking for people to chair or take a lead role in planning. 

* To have an active voice within the school community and to remain informed about community led initiatives. 

We hold a minimum of five meetings in the evening in the school library. Child care is provided and the first meeting this school year will be held on Oct. 3, 2019 at 7pm. We will look to fill the available positions on the Home and School executive panel and discuss the year ahead. 


School’s (almost) Out. For. Summer!

Wow – it’s hard to believe that another year has flown by.

From the welcome back picnic, to the annual giving campaign, the commencement of family movie nights, the silent auction, the staff appreciation lunch, the fun fair, grade 6 grad, and things in between, it has been an exciting year!

Thank you to:

Our volunteers. It takes a village, and it could not happen without committed parents and guardians to help out during the year to help make our events a success.

We want to give a special shout out to Lisa Rolland who has not only been Co-Chair and Advisory Chair of H&S for the past 3 years, she has organized the fun fair for years and is an all-round fantastic person and volunteer extraordinaire! Big thanks also go to Eugenia Christakis, our current (and long serving) Treasurer, for overseeing our funds and the rules and regs of H&S, formerly of extracurricular programming, and is in her last year as a parent to a child at Withrow.  We are better off for the thousands of hours you have helped make Withrow such a great place!

Withrow staff. Our children see you more most weekdays then they see us, and we are grateful for the knowledge and life skills that you give to them!

Our community. Everyone is busy in their own ways and yet we find time to come together to celebrate what a special school we have, and part of the city we live in. We are fortunate to have a really active and supportive community.

Survey Results 

These are the top 8 budget proposals to be guaranteed funding. Thanks to all who submitted a proposal. Should there be money left over, we will fund each consecutive proposal in order of popularity until funds run out. Thanks for voting and look for the full Treasurer’s Report and 2019/ 20 budget in the new school year.

  1. Garden Education Program
  2. Library Reno
  3. Playground and Sports Equipment
  4. Technology
  5. OPAL (outdoor play and learning)
  6. Playground Enrichment (sidewalk games)
  7. Math Based Resources
  8. Bathroom Beautification

How to help in 2019/20

Home & School Executive – Co-Chairs typically volunteer for two years, and move to an advisory role for the third. Given this pattern there will be at least one Co-Chair position available.

Interested members can vote or be nominated for the following at the September meeting:

  • Secretary (can be shared between more than 1 person)
  • Treasurer (can be shared between more than 1 person)
  • Social media / communications
  • Website updating and maintenance

We are potentially going to explore an integrated School Council / Home & School model for next year and see if this is viable. Details need to be ironed out and it will be discussed further in the September update. Elections will be held within 30 days of school starting. So, the first H&S meeting.

If you are interested in any of the positions or want job descriptions please email withrowhands@gmail.com 

We are seeking Co-Chairs for the Silent Auction, committee members for the Fun Fair, Teacher Appreciation Lunch, and additional volunteers for the movie nights, and class reps, to name but some positions that are more time-limited than H&S Executive.

Have a happy & healthy summer!

Your Home & School Executive