Calendar/Event List


We are looking forward to the following Home & School organized events/meetings/campaigns for the 2019/2020 school year!  Please note that things may change.  This means that events may be cancelled, newly added and revised!  Check back regularly to see what’s coming up!  Also, please reference the Withrow School e-monthly newsletter (sent around the 15th each month) for other events/meetings/fundraisers organized by the administration team as there are many additional exciting things also on the go!  Our calendar below will try to amalgamate all of these dates as much as possible!


Sept. 2      Annual Giving Campaign Begins (Year Round)

Sept. 17    Welcome Back Picnic (Family Event)

Oct. 3        H&S Meeting #1

Nov. 20     H&S Meeting #2

Nov. 22     Movie Night #1 (Family Event)

Dec. 13     Movie Night #2 (Family Event)


Jan. 24     Movie Night #3 (Family Event)

Feb. 4       H&S Meeting #3

Feb. 21     Movie Night #4 (Adults Only- Please book a babysitter!)

Mar. 6      Staff Appreciation Lunch

Mar. 27    Movie Night #5 (Juniors Only)

Apr. 3       Silent Auction (Adults Only- Please book a babysitter!)

Apr. 17     Movie Night #6 (Family Event)

Apr. 29     H&S Meeting #4

May 23     Fun Fair (Family Event)

May 29     Movie Night #7 (Family Event)

Jun. 9       H&S Meeting #5 (Budget Approval Meeting)

Jun. 19     Movie Night #8 (Family Event)


  • H&S (Home & School) Meetings will follow School Council Meetings in the library; Generally around 7PM but will be confirmed closer to the meeting dates
  • Major Events such as Welcome Back Picnic, Staff Appreciation Lunch, Silent Auction & Fun Fair literally take a village to plan and execute. Please consider volunteering your time to make these awesome events happen!  From being on the committee to helping set up, tear down or run the event- there’s a job for everyone!
  • Movie nights are held with designated attendee types: Family (Please note, parent/guardians must be present), Juniors only (Grades 4-6, Parents/guardians must be present), Adults only (no children permitted please!)