Annual Giving Campaign 2019

The Annual Giving Campaign (AGC) is a direct fundraiser where parents / guardians / community members can donate to the Home & School Association and receive a tax receipt (for $25 and up) through our charitable status.  We started the AGC several years ago so that students and parents did not have to sell items to generate funds for the school. Through our commitment to providing classroom enhancements such as greening initiatives, arts and science programs and technology purchases, or the once-in-a-generation projects like the current schoolyard revitalization, we have helped to improve many aspects of our children’s day at school.

The AGC is a way that families can give back to the school if they are not able to volunteer their time.

We suggest a donation of $25 per student that you have enrolled at Withrow.  You can pay online via our Square account, or leave a cheque at the main office payable to”Withrow Home and School Association”.

We all do and give what we can, and that’s what makes us such a fantastic community! Thank you all for your donations. Every little bit counts. 

Your Home and School Team