Fundraising with Everyday Purchases

Withrow Home and School has partnered with several companies to set up fundraising campaigns. All campaigns were free for us to set up.  Although we are extremely thankful to be able to partner with these companies, we (of course) can in no way endorse them or their products.  If you’re buying these things already (or looking to buy for the first time!), we kindly ask to buy from our official campaign pages (see the links below), as a percentage of the proceeds from each sale are given back to Withrow Home and School Association!

And, if you have a product you’d like to add to the list, please email us:


20% on Oliver’s Labels

Order Oliver’s Labels here

Started by Toronto Parent (and local to the area), Oliver’s Labels are designed to be both waterproof and beautiful, and with the Found-it™ Tracking System (a free online lost and found system). How does Withrow HandS raise money:

  • 20% of all purchases made through our campaign page does to Withrow Home and School Association

Remember, all orders MUST go through our campaign page to get the fundraising dollars!

20% on Mabel’s Labels

Order Mabel’s Labels here
Mabel’s Labels are colourful, indestructible, easy-to-use, and fun! You can choose from iron-ons, stickies, bag tags, allergy alert labels, and more. They are dishwasher, microwave, and laundry safe. Personalize your labels with your name, nickname, initials – whatever you choose – and pick your own design motif.
How does Withrow HandS raise money?  Two ways for the school to raise money:
  • parents buy a $50 gift card and school receives $10 OR
  • 20% of all purchases made through our campaign page goes to Withrow Home and School Association.

Remember, all orders MUST go through our campaign page to get the fundraising dollars!

The Shmooz Coffee Cards

The Shmooz Cafe (590 Pape Ave. @ Wroxeter) coffee cards are $10 each, and are valid for $2 off each bag of coffee (your choice of beans or ground). Here’s how this fundraiser works:

  • Buy a $10 card from Withrow Home and School (we keep all the money!!!)
  • This card gives you a $2 discount off per bag (10 bags total) 

So, after all is said and done, you can save ten dollars and we can make ten dollars, all from supporting a local business while making an “everyday purchase”!

To purchase: please email us at